It is through loss that one experiences the healing and awakening that deepens a person’s knowledge and understanding of life on all dimensions. There are extreme changes and awakenings taking place through the emotions, relationships, jobs and careers, health, and mind and spirit.   These changes and awakenings may be so deep that many are noticing they are feeling uncomfortable.  It is a time to live in integrity and alignment with the truth of who we really are; therefore, it is important to choose your thoughts wisely each day, as they are manifesting your destiny.  It is a time of surrendering and letting go of what is not.  Things shouldn’t be complicated.  If things are complicated, then something is incorrect or missing.  Enjoy everything that life presents to you. 

Blessings, Love, & Joy to All,

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There are many perceptions, experiences, concepts, and beliefs that create our experiences here on the earthly plane.  What is truth?  What is reality?  Can these two questions really be answered?  Can truth and reality really be defined?  Each of us has our own truth and our own reality as we discover our own answers to what we think our truth and reality is. 

We all have our mouths open talking and sharing with one another about what we believe to be our truth which creates our reality.  So do we sit in silence by not sharing or do we share which pulls us away from our truth?  So the question then lies why is it when we talk with some people there is sometimes great doubt?  The reason for this is you are truly being awakened.  It is a time to meditate and go within, and then you will truly find the answers and know what the truth is.  It is through sitting in silence you will find the truth. 

Peace, Love, Light, & Blessings,


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Psychic Mediumship Readings

Do you wonder what a psychic mediumship reading can offer to you?  Do you have doubts, fears, difficult times, and wondering which direction to head into?  A psychic mediumship reading can offer insight into many different areas of your life. 

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Psychic Medium

Welcome to my blog.  Please check back frequently, as I will keep you updated as to where I will be etc.

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